Tips for Speed, Safety & Security

In the new world of global commerce, ever-increasing airport security and federal shipping regulations are facts of life. It is our job at Globalink to shield you from the difficulties this state of affairs can cause. We have put in place advanced systems to help us ensure that your shipments navigate an increasingly dangerous world efficiently and error free. But there are also several steps you can take to help secure the most rapid, cost-effective delivery possible. Here are a few:

Double Check the Paperwork

The following requirements are very important. Take a few minutes to double-check them now. You'll thank yourself later.
• all international shipments require a commercial invoice.
• those commodities with a value in excess of $2,500 require a shipper’se eexport declaration. A Schedule B number is also recommended on the ccommercial invoice and the SED.

Please note: an original copy of the shipper’s export declaration must be
sent along with the shipment.

Faxed copies are not accepted by export customs any longer.

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