A pre-arranged pick-up and delivery for domestic inter-office
correspondence that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or
monthly basis.

..... Pre-printed bill of ladings with shipper and consignee information

..... Both shipper and consignee will be notified of any flight changes
..... •or delays

Charter Express
An expedited door to door service for shipments exceeding
normal requirements and parameters.

..... Enhanced speed, security, convenience and control

Hand Carry
For shipments that require extra security, as well as speed. We
provide an on-board courier to personally deliver your material
to its final destination.

..... Flight booking and rates quoted with 30 minutes of your call

..... Shipments treated as carry-on baggage (within air carrier weight
... ..•and size restrictions)

..... Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

..... Courier can be used on return trip at no extra charge
.. ...•for up to 50 pounds

Same Day
A door to door delivery service using commercial flights within
the United States including Puerto Rico, up to 70 pounds per

..... Pick-up made within 1 hour of your call

..... Latest possible pick up time for earliest possible delivery

..... Use of every airport in the United States

..... Weekend and Holiday Services

Overnight US
A service offering day and night pick ups to and from over 50
cities within the continental United States.

..... Pick- up made within 1 hour of your call

..... Offered Monday through Friday only, with Friday pick-up
... ..•sheduled for Monday delivery (except holidays)

Large or heavyweight shipments that need special handling. We can provide same day next day or deferred service.

..... Booking of shipment with airline

..... Truck with lift gate - multi-person pick-up when needed

..... Pick-up within two hours of your call

..... Preparation of import/export documentation, customs clearance and
... ..•payment of any duty or tax

..... Your package will not be consolidated with any other shipment

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